Frequently Asked Questions


What is the CHS Foundation?
The Cleveland High School Foundation is a parent-led, school-based organization committed to educational excellence at Cleveland. The Foundation is the only school organization that can raise money for staff, its sole objective. This funding enables teacher staffing above the level allocated by the school district, helping our students receive an enriched education that goes beyond the basics.

The funds raised each year by the Cleveland Foundation are used to maintain a rich array of core classes and elective offerings, and to keep class sizes reasonable, each and every school year.

Who determines how Foundation funds are allocated?
The Cleveland principal determines the best use of Foundation funds, after consulting with teachers, the Foundation Board, parents, staff, and others.

What has the Foundation funded?
Since 2003, the Cleveland Foundation has funded over ten teaching and counseling positions. Foundation funding has also brought teachers from part to full-time, enabling them to stay at Cleveland, grow their teaching offerings, and take on new responsibilities, such as coaching a sport or advising a club. For example, the Foundation has funded new positions or increased teaching time in foreign language, health, social studies, counseling, International Baccalaureate courses, language arts, business, choir, and science. Funding for core positions also enabled Cleveland to keep its Freshmen Academy structure.

How much does the Foundation seek to raise?
The Foundation’s goal is to raise $100,000+ during the 2019-20 school year. Every donation gets us  closer to our goal and will make a real difference for our students.

What's the relationship between the CHS Foundation and the Portland Schools Foundation?     In 1994 the Portland Public Schools Foundation (PPSF) was formed in response to the passage of Measure 5. The Portland School Board passed a resolution authorizing each Portland public school to create Local School Foundation (LSF).

When PPSF rebranded itself to All Hands Raised (AHR) in 2010, the PPSF program became a division (and not the sole focus) of AHR.  AHR provided fiscal oversight and program management services for PPSF, including support to LSFs and the stewardship of the Parent Equity Fund.

In order to coordinate fundraising efforts across Portland Public Schools, The Fund for PPS was established July 1, 2019.  The services and support AHR was providing has now transitioned to The Fund for PPS.  For further information please see The Fund for PPS.

What’s the difference between the Foundation and other Cleveland parent organizations?      The Foundation, the Booster Club, the PTA, and other parent groups all raise money for Cleveland, and all work to make Cleveland an outstanding school. The Foundation is the only school organization that can raise and contribute money for school staffing. Parents are asked to do different things throughout the year to support Cleveland: volunteer, support athletics and performances, contribute to the Foundation and PTA, and more. It all counts. We know that without strong support from the parent community, Cleveland would not be the terrific school it is.

How does the CHS Foundation raise money? 
The Cleveland Foundation raises money in several different ways throughout the school year. We strive to offer every Cleveland family and community business an opportunity to donate at a level that is comfortable for them and in a way they prefer. Some people like to attend social events that are fundraisers, some would rather just write a check. Throughout the year, the Foundation solicits those who would like to become a “Cleveland Warrior” by donating at the level of $500 or more. We have a raffle for a vacation trip and a “paddle raiser” at the PTA’s annual auction. We send every family an end-of-the year donation appeal request. And, we usually host a fun and informal event for parents during the school year. The Foundation counts on the support of parents, community members, and businesses who give what they can.

How can I give to the Foundation? 
You can make an online or check contribution.  All donations are tax-deductible.

To make an recurring online donation, click here.  To make a one-time online donation, click here.

To make a donation via check, please make the check payable to "Cleveland High School Foundation" and mail to:

Cleveland High School Foundation
3400 SE 26th
Portland, OR 97202

Also, please ask your employer about matching grants. Many companies will donate an amount that “matches” an employee’s donation. This is a great way to double the impact of your contribution.

Is my donation tax deductible as a charitable donation? 
Yes. The CHS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization and our tax ID number is: 93-1163966. We will provide you with a letter acknowledging your tax deduction-eligible contribution.

How can I get involved? 
Please contact ...  We are always looking for other passionate parents and community members with new ideas.